At Kaden

Income for any landlord is dependent on keeping a property well maintained, this protects your long term investment and allows you to find the right tenant.

A well managed tenancy keeps tenants happy and increases the chances of a renewal. Tenants will often ask if we ‘the agents’ are managing the property that they are interested in. Our research has shown that tenants are more likely to offer on a property managed by us than one that isn’t. In fact, most corporate tenants insist on fully managed properties through fear of encountering rogue or unorganised landlords.

By choosing Kaden Properties to manage your property you will free yourself from the stress and responsibility of maintaining a property and leaving you with more time to yourself. Even with experience, managing a property can be a full time job, one you could probably do without, particularly if you already have a full time job, family or live overseas.

Kaden Properties provide you with a designated property manager that will be well versed with your property. They will visit your property prior to and throughout your tenancy, ensuring that the property is being occupied correctly and advising on any necessary repairs and dilapidations. Tenants are provided with an emergency 24 hour phone number to contact if ever required, and we pride ourselves on our response time with repairs. Our full service will provide you with;

  • Complete peace of mind 24 hours a day
  • Your own personal property manager
  • No tenant contact required
  • Deposit claims negotiated
  • Annual safety tests arranged
  • Twice yearly inspections
  • Repairs carried out by qualified contractors at competitive prices
  • Statistically your tenant is more likely to renew their tenancy
  • Regular market updates based on rents rising or dropping
  • Rent guarantee insurance when requested

Additional services are available via our development and building service team, these include; complete refurbishment, extensions, loft/basement conversions, decorative improvements, new bathrooms and kitchens.